2020 PÖFF Shorts Selection – UNDO CoLAB film, Heart Time, plays Nov. 22!

Congratulations to last year’s CoLAB filmmaker Hõbe Ilus! The film she directed, Heart Time, made in collaboration with Nundrisha Wahkloo, Linsday Skedgell, and Catarina De Sousa was officially selected for PÖFF’s Shorts program “Made in Corona: inside stories”

“Heart Time” was born in the Spring of 2020, when we were stuck in New York. The desire to creatively move forward concluded in recording phone calls with our parents across borders. It was one of the possibilities to document this time we shared together during the lockdown. It’s a space where three very different languages and cultures meet, but a common ground of universal relationship patterns is evidently there. We hope this film will offer recognition for many.”

A virtual screening will take place November 22, 2020

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“Made in Corona: inside stories”

There are certain elements out there who have decided to make people feel bad if the time in lockdown isn’t used “wisely”. So if you’ve come out of quarantine without knowing at least 15 recipes for sourdough or speaking Klingon then you’re somehow branded a failure.

Yet the films in Inside Stories don’t ignite sparks of jealousy about supremely talented people who did more with their time in isolation than eat beans and watch a boxed set of Desperate Housewives. Indeed, there is much comfort in the works on offer as they speak of a collective experience, a desire to explore and make sense of our complex lives even when faced with the most confined of circumstances.

Of course, the films here are – considering the restrictions that the filmmakers had to face – remarkable technical achievements. But they never fall into being technical exercises and mine a rich emotional vein that speaks of the darkness and light and the heart of confinement.

With films like these, any space you may be forced to inhabit doesn’t feel as small as it once did.