36th Margaret Mead Fest Opens next Thursday, UnionDocs Co-Presents Wheat and Tares 12/1

The 36th annual Margaret Mead Film Festival http://dalkicafe.com/?p=11921  opens November 29, Thursday and ends Sunday, December 2. Named for the famous Museum anthropologist Margaret Mead, the festival encompasses a broad spectrum of creative storytelling, from indigenous community media to experimental documentaries. Its outstanding titles present a range of cultural perspectives and offer forums for discussion with filmmakers and renowned speakers.

This year’s lineup includes The Tundra Book: A Tale of Vukvukai, the Little Rock by award-winning Inuk filmmaker Aleksei Vakhrushev. The film follows Chukchi reindeer herder Vukvukai and his family in the harsh and magnificent landscape of Russia’s Arctic Circle. The festival also includes the U.S. premiere of Philippe Witjes and Valérie Berteau’s Himself He Cooks, a visual observation of the hundreds of volunteers who prepare 50,000 free meals every day at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India.

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On Saturday, December 1 at 2:00pm UnionDocs co-presents

WHEAT AND TARES (Het Kaf en Het Koren)
Stefan Wittekamp and Suzanne Arts
2012 | 57 minutes | USA, The Netherlands

When Bible teacher and Christian radio presenter Harold Camping predicted that May 21, 2011 was to be Judgment Day, he earned many followers as well as detractors. Dutch filmmakers Stefan Wittekamp and Suzanne Arts follow some of Camping’s adherents and their loved ones, chronicling their hopes, fears, and loneliness as they prepare for May 21st and cope with the disillusionment of its aftermath. Their actions inevitably create a mutual sense of incomprehension between them and the unbelieving outside world. The film’s sensitive portrayal of their isolation reveals the power of persuasive ideology.

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