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The Macktez Summer Stipend is a grant for creative development. Each year we try to reach out to the many junior designers, interns, and other creative individuals we come across every day for whom a little extra cash could be the difference between a great idea and a great, finished project. We have a simple set of criteria: originality, relevance, and conviction. And we’d prefer a project already underway that $1000 would push across the finish line. This year we’ll also be relying on our esteemed panelists’ guts and good sense: David Israel, Roanne Adams, Douglas Morris, Dean Crutchfield, Bethany Koby Santiago Matheus, Jeffrey Zeldman. If you can sell them on your great idea, you’ll get $1000 from Macktez to make it happen. It’s that simple. Applications open June 18th. Apply online at by July 27th.

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We are primarily Consultants, working closely with our clients to identify how technology can support their business goals. Consultants will research, recommend, and specify individualized solutions. Our Team Members have experience with a vast number of hardware and software configurations, and are learning new ones all the time.

Macktez has evolved since its founding in 1996 from a loose collection of friends brought together for specific projects into a dedicated Team of full-time specialists. Our educational backgrounds include such diverse fields as literature, architecture, and molecular biochemistry, and we take satisfaction in applying useful metaphors from these other disciplines when tackling the challenges in this one.

We enjoy the process of deeply exploring our clients’ business needs and getting to know the personality of each office we visit. We look forward to unraveling new technical problems, reading up on new solutions, and finding the right way to communicate and implement our recommendations.

Over the years, Macktez has developed an approach to working with clients and managing our Team internally that focuses on long-term goals, sensible solutions, and thorough communication. The Macktez Approach means anticipating challenges instead of putting out preventable fires, and not letting sudden urgencies distract you from your core mission.

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