Attention Liars: (DIS)HONESTY – THE TRUTH ABOUT LIES opens Friday May 22nd at the IFC

Congrats to UnionDocs Board member Yael Melamede on the theatrical run of her new feature doc!

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(DIS)HONESTY – THE TRUTH ABOUT LIES opens Friday May 22nd at the IFC –
A documentary film based on the work of behavioral scientist and best selling author Dan Ariely and directed and produced by Yael Melamede.

Have you lied today?  


The deadly-serious-yet-humorous new film “(DIS)HONESTY – THE TRUTH ABOUT LIES” opens theatrically this Friday May 22nd in NY at the IFC. In the film, Dan Ariely and a team of scientists explore and reveal the surprising truths about why we all lie and the complex impact such behavior has on everyday society; from the man on the street to Wall Street, to M.I.T., to Ashley Madison and the NBA… What distinguishes harmless lies and disastrous ones and is there anything we can do about it?   online
Dan Ariely and Director Yael Melamede will be doing Q&As opening weekend.
See here for tickets and information about the screening
You can find out more about the larger project at

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