Bodega discussion: Eric Metzgar

Compiled from interesting stuff said during the post-screening discussion with Eric Metzgar, director of Buy Order “Chances of The World Changing” screened May 6th Purchase online Cheap as part of the Documentary Bodega Series.

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Edited/Shot by Stephanie Morales and Christopher Allen. Order online

One thought on “Bodega discussion: Eric Metzgar

  1. Lorie

    To get over ourselves and have revolutionary conversations seems almost impossible. The first and very big hurdle is to get over oneself. To hear some one else say the things that I write in my journal (I’m serious) about is very stirring for me. One of the young ladies made the comment that the burden was to big to carry by herself and that rings true. Changing the world seems almost futile as if it is all going to shit anyway but there is always just a glimmer of hope when someone like me sees a piece like this.

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