Brain Storms

Associates and advocates of UD:

We’ve been weathering a Brain Storm. We used a whiteboard and we have something to show for it.

But first we should mention: January is the new beginning. For instance, non-profit is the thrilling little hyphenated word with which you may describe this documentary arts collaborative. Yes, true, we are now “friends w/ benefits” with the IRS. In an equally strategic move, we’ve separated our living and our working, making studio spaces available on the first floor. There’s two new lovely people doing interesting work here, and it’s all about getting down to business these days.

But that’s just administrative. The really exciting thing is that we are on the verge of announcing a new undertaking. The only thing is we can’t legally tell you what it is just yet. So in the meantime, please explore our PROCESS. It’s a video. It’s cool. We’ll be coming at you with a lot more through this video podcast. Make sure you are subscribed to it.For instructions on how to get said video podcast click here