BRIC Radio releases new podcast In This Economy?

Our friends at BRIC Radio released a new podcast of audio plays called In This Economy? The series reimagines the process of creating scripted drama, and enjoys all the advantages and “opportunities” this form of unvetted, of ready-to-hire labor creates. 

The gig economy promises freelancers the freedom to choose the jobs they take on and the hours they work, and promises employers a vast pool of talent they can choose from on an as-needed basis. If this model expedites everything from web design to house cleaning, then why not use the same set of tools to make a lot of art, very quickly? These eight short audio plays are written by Calvin Kalsulke and produced by Josh Rollin. 

Listen and subscribe here


Calvin Kasulke is a writer living in Brooklyn, NY. He is the recipient of a 2017 Lambda Literary fellowship in playwriting, a Helene Wurlitzer fellowship for playwriting, and a Creative Capital fellowship for fiction. His work has appeared on BuzzFeed, Vice, MEL Magazine.

Josh Rollin is a musician, sound engineer, and composer living in New York City. He is a member of Brooklyn-based band Saint Mela. With playwright Calvin Kasulke, he produced, sound designed, and edited Banjo the Man-Faced Dog, a fictional podcast drama made possible through a grant from the Tompkins County Community Arts Partnership.