Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective at UnionDocs

UnionDocs welcomes back the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective for their regular meetings starting next week. From the BFC mission:

The Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective  is a tight-knit community of professional filmmakers in Brooklyn, NY who are dedicated to innovative approaches to filmmaking. The collective comes together through weekly peer workshops to provide sustained feedback and critiques throughout the life of its members’ projects. It is the mission of the BFC to inspire groundbreaking films, create an active filmmaking community, and maximize exposure of the best work from Brooklyn-based filmmakers.
I’m happy to be participating in the BFC for my 3rd season and that it’s being held at UnionDocs, the space that I also call home as a resident participant in the UD Collaborative Program. Both organizations are helping foster and critique my work, which as a filmmaker in NYC is invaluable. This New Year BFC will be participating in more screenings in the NYC area, so look out for events that feature artists in the Brooklyn Filmmaker Collective.

To find out more about BFC check out our website at


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2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective at UnionDocs

  1. Lloyd Handwerker

    interested in joining collective. thanks– can you let me know when meetings are and where and info about joining? thx

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