Call for entries open for the Third Coast International Audio Festival, early deadline: January 13!

The Third Coast 2022-23 Call for Entries is now open! Featuring: nine expansive categories, an extended entry window + eligibility, and Annual + Pilot Offerings.

“We’re actively in the process of expanding and re-imagining all that is offered by our Call for Entries. Over the past 22 years, the Competition has enabled Third Coast to honor the most extraordinary audio works of the time. Now, we see the potential for a Call for Entries to also open a kind of worldwide dialogue: a maker-centered Competition unlike any other, offering not only a slate of unique awards and honors, but dozens of potential pathways through collectively-powered resources, workshops, mentorship opportunities, residencies, live programs … we could go on! The point is: what if, instead of using traditional competition models to maintain hierarchy, the annual Competition Cycle could power new kinds of lateral support throughout the industry, and create new pathways for connection and creation?”