Call for Fourth Edition of “Contro-Sguardi: International Anthropological Film Festival “


“Contro-Sguardi”, in collaboration with the Anthropological Section of the Department Man and Environment (Uomo e Territorio) of the University of Perugia (Italy), the Comune of Perugia, Informagiovani and the cultural association Macadam, promotes the fourth edition of “ Purchase buy suprax 400 mg imdur generic name Contro-Sguardi: International Anthropological Film Festival”. Theme of the year 2012: “For a culture of work”. With this call we invite to send documentary films, works of fiction and ethnographic, photographic exhibitions, and proposals for theatrical and musical performances related to the topic in question.

From the 2010 the festival, founded to bring together works of anthropological cinema, it is open to multiple supplies Visual character. From this year became biennial, and every edition will concentrate his attention on a specific and central thematic of the socio-cultural dynamics and contemporary policies. Contro-Sguardi 2012 will propose study and discussion meetings on the broad range of phenomena related to the “culture of work”, trying to reflect on the crisis of the economic and social models that progressively shrinking the spaces of work especially of young people with many repercussions for personal and social life. Specifically for “Culture of Work” we mean the multiplicity of social contexts, anthropological, economic, political and emotional that define the job as practice, knowledge, existential status of the human being through it is realized and for self-determination.

The call here proposed intends to gather materials and experiences, national and international, that address the issue in its broader facets and issues: the relationship health/disease, socio-economic inequalities, the protests for the place of work in a precarious world, and including the political uses of music, theatre and cinema. Through the presentation of the materials, try to create a space of comparison beetwen different actors involved in the field of work, such as associations and civil society, political institutions, academia and research, the “virtuous” that despite a strong crisis manage to maintain a standards positive of production, or that, bucking, create employment by investing in cutting-edge work patterns.

In the awareness of social research, which increasingly requires a dialogical and experimental comparison with new techniques and technologies with their visual productions, opens a Call for video aimed at filmmakers, students, researchers and teachers.

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