CINEDANCE: 16mm Dance Films from the Filmmakers’ Cooperative on July 10th

Amy Greenfield, Element (still), 1973, film, edition of 10 run time 12.03

CINEDANCE: 16mm Dance Films from the Filmmaker’s Cooperative presents a collection of short dance films curated by Georg Anthony Svatek. This program consists of short 16mm dance films created between the 1940s and 1980s. The majority of dance films archived at the Coop occur during this time span, giving insight into some of the most formative years of cinedance. The works selected are neither mere recordings of staged works, nor musical spectacles; instead, these films are seen as a “mode to outstrip the everyday body,” an invitation to a kind of intimacy otherwise denied in the conventional performance space and the musical film.

As relatives in form – mediums preoccupied with the acting body and its actions unfolding in time – dance and cinema express their commonalities most effectively in the experimental form. These artists used the moving body as a counterweight, pulling and pushing cinematic techniques to “match its moves.” Conversely, the agility of the camera allows the spectators to move around the dancers, creating a fluid point of view, as if encircling a living sculpture. The films were chosen with attention to presenting a variety of abstract as well as representational environments, in which the flitting camera and shifting dancer touch upon ideas of urbanism, science, nature and art.

Friday, July 10th, 7:30pm Pills

Film-Makers’ Coop
475 Park Avenue
6th Floor

Suggested $10 Donation
Total Runtime 71 min

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The Film-Makers’ Cooperative is the largest archive and distributor of independent and avant-garde films in the world. Created by artists in 1961, as the distribution branch of the New American Cinema Group, the Coop has more than 5,000 films, videotapes and DVDs in its collection.

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