Creatives Rebuild New York announces Artist Employment Program & Guaranteed Income for Artists! Apply by March 25.

Creatives Rebuild New York have announced two large-scale relief efforts for for NY based artists! Apply either for the Guaranteed Income for Artists program or the Artist Employment Program by March 25!

CRNY’s Artist Employment Program (AEP) is a 2-year program that will fund employment for 300 artists working in collaboration with community-based organizations across New York State. Participating artists will receive a salary of $65,000 per year (commensurate with median household income in New York State) plus benefits and dedicated time to focus on their artistic practice. Community-based organizations will receive $25,000-$100,000 per year to support their collaborations with these artists.

Visit the full Artist Employment Program application guidelines to learn more and apply.

CRNY’s Guaranteed Income for Artists program will support 2,400 artists with regular, no-strings-attached cash payments. Each artist will receive $1,000 per month for 18 consecutive months. Our guaranteed income work joins with that of municipalities, policymakers, community leaders, and activists from across the US who are engaging in public conversations about guaranteed income and economic stability for community members who are living with financial uncertainty. CRNY’s Guaranteed Income for Artists program aims to help artists meet their basic needs outside of traditional or merit-based grantmaking.

Visit the full Guaranteed Income for Artists application guidelines to learn more and apply.