Doc Fundraising Campaigns to Watch


Have a little extra money approaching this holiday season? Check out these four very worthy doc projects and find a way to get involved!

Check out this feature doc project by former UnionDocs Collaborative member Annie Berman, edited by Collaborative Co-Director Andre Valentim Almeida. The Faithful  is a meditation on art, religious expression, commerce, and copyright.  It interweaves trips to Graceland, the Vatican, and Kensington Palace, culminating in the Pope’s beatification. It examines the complexities that bind us to celebrities, images, religion, and to one another.

Order 95 LIVES 
Before street photographers took Manhattan by storm, there was Helen Levitt. An artistic pioneer and the ultimate photographer’s photographer, Levitt lived as a total enigma, determined to dodge the public eye in favor of what she loved most: poker, baseball, and, above all, capturing the city at play. 95 Lives searches for the many, colorful lives of this female pioneer and the formidable contributions she made to 20th century art and to the city that shaped her incredible body of work: New York.

SPLIT: (by Ellen Bruno) a film for (and by) kids of divorce
SPLIT is a deeply personal film made in collaboration with children aged 6-12, exploring the often frightening and always life-altering separation of their parents. The film is made exclusively from the point of view of the children . . . no adults, no experts . . . just kids speaking the powerful truth of what is on their minds and in their hearts as their families change.

UnionDocs Collaborative Director Toby Lee and former presenters Ernst Karel and Pawel Wojtasik collaborate on  SINGLE STREAM. This film aims to shed light on this blind spot in our public consciousness through a meditative examination of waste. A visual and sonic exploration inside a recycling plant, SINGLE STREAM makes visible a part of our material existence – the after-life of our waste – that usually goes unseen. This work will give viewers a chance to reflect on the sheer magnitude of waste that our society produces, the effort that goes into processing it, and our responsibility in this cycle.

SINGLE STREAM will be installed in the lobby of the Museum of the Moving Image how much florinef is too much Pills Buy in Astoria, NY in the Spring of 2013.