EFA & Flux Factory Present: Arctic Book Club



Arctic Book Club

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A collaboration between   Flux  Factory and EFA Project Space, and the result of a group of artists’ process-based responses to the book, An African in Greenland.

Tété Michel Kpomassie’s book, An African in Greenland, is the account of the author’s unique journey from his native Togo to Greenland. As a young man living in Africa, Kpomassie happened across a book about Greenland. Fascinated with the distant Arctic island, he embarked on a ten-year journey across Africa and Europe, working as a translator, and eventually able to complete his odyssey and live in Greenland.

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A cross-disciplinary group of artists was assembled to respond to Kpomassie’s book, meeting regularly in the form of a book club. Upon completion of the book, the artists were then tasked to create new work inspired by Kpomassie’s narrative and the resulting discussions.


With artists: Amber Cortes, Jenelle Covino, the Green and Bold Coöperative, Katerina Lanfranco, Fabienne Lasserre, Valerie Piraino, Greg Pond, Annie Reichert, Julian Rogers, Ranbir Sidhu, and Christopher Ulivo.

EFA Project Space
323 West 39th Street, second floor, Manhattan
6-8p opening; $free
Continues through October 24
[email protected]