Endless Nutriment to Feed the Little Fountain

Buy online http://segurado.com.br/?p=2966 Pills Pills “The meaning will be for the form like an instantaneous reserve of history, a tamed richness, which it is possible to call and dismiss in a sort of rapid alternation: the form must constantly be able to be rooted again in the meaning and to get there what nature it needs for its nutriment; above all, it must be able to hide there. It is this constant game of hide-and-seek between the meaning and the form which defines myth.” – Barthes p. 118

The little fountain inherits a rich history from which to feed its myth, an appropriate reserve for an item defined by its own incessant recycling of material. Throughout history, fountains have had a practical role (as a drinking supply source), a recreational purpose (to play and splash) and an aesthetic function (as a centerpiece in parks and courtyards). The little fountain skirts the recreational role and borrows from the practical and aesthetic histories to flesh out one concept (the signified) we explore: a certain brand of commodified peace.

Our sample audience, the spontaneous fountain salesmen and women from Craigslist, tout the little fountain’s ability to calm and soothe its owner. This function stems from the myth’s reliance on Eastern ideas of feng shui, specifically the idea that the flow of water has a connection to the flow of money. This idea marries the practical role (finding wealth through the use of little fountain) with its aesthetic function (sitting pretty on your tabletop). The little fountain is burdened by expectation, saddled with the idea that a $9.99 purchase could restore balance in one’s life, foster inner peace and deliver prosperity. Those expectations spring directly from its placement in a myth system and in essence, this is why the little fountain never finds a true home. Cheap