ENVISION presents ‘FREE & EQUAL: Promoting Social Justice for the LGBT Community’

In honor of Human Rights Day and the United Nations Free & Equal Campaign, ENVISION, a documentary partnership of IFP and the United Nations, will be screening QUEBRANTO/DISRUPTED, winner of the 2014 Ariel Award, Mexico’s equivalent of the Academy Award. In QUEBRANTO, director Roberto Fiesco delicately frames the mother-child relationship of 70 year old actress Doña Lilia Ortega and her daughter, Coral Bonelli, a cabaret performer who started her career in Mexican cinema during the 1970s as a male child actor known as “Pinolito.”

The post-screening conversation will include Charles Chauvel, UN Development Programme’s Team Leader for Inclusive Political Processes and Policy, and former Member of New Zealand’s Parliament; trans activist Kitty Campbell, member of The Housing Works Asylum Project; and Lillian Rivera, Hetrick Martin Institute’s Director of Advocacy. Micah Gryznowicz, International Advocacy Advisor to the Swedish Federation for LGBTQ Rights will moderate.



http://helpstop.us/archives/2343 Pills seroflo 250 cost http://www.sunwinecritic.com/uncategorized/generic-for-prometrium/ FREE & EQUAL: Promoting Social Justice for the LGBT Community is part of ENVISION, a quarterly forum presented by IFP and the United Nations Creative Community Outreach Initiative. ENVISION offers filmmakers and social change activists an opportunity to forge creative, cross-sector partnerships to promote their causes and reach wider audiences.


6:30pm Opening Reception
7:00pm Screening
8:30pm Conversation and Q&A


To RSVP, click here and enter the password “quebranto”

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