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Thursday, Oct 3 at 7:30 pm

Tomorrow Never Knows

with Adam Sekuler


Tomorrow Never Knows

93 min, 2019

“TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS is one of the greatest films about death I’ve seen—it’s a triumph of empathy, a tour de force of emotion, and, perhaps even more monumentally, a prime example of cinema as ontological examination.” – Cinefile

The uncomfortable reality of death is faced by Shar and Cynthia who, upon Shar’s diagnosis with early-onset Alzheimer’s, make a brave and difficult decision: she will undertake a conscious death, fully experiencing the end of her life. This documentary moves away from any ominous, taboo or frightening depiction, instead raising the question of what we really mean when we say someone has gone. Is it the senility, the last breath or the burial? How do we prepare for each stage? And what happens when the diagnosis comes soon after your decision to start a gender transition? As our population ages and the number of diagnoses of this little-understood disease increases, these are questions we must find the cultural courage to address. This is a quiet, non-linear and thought-provoking piece that encourages and rewards the honest examination of our own mortality.

Winner of the Radical Empathy Award at Chicago Underground Film Fest 2018

Nominated for a 2019 Queerty award for Best Documentary

93 min

ADAM SEKULER is a filmmaker, curator, educator and programmer based in New Orleans. Screening in forums and film festivals throughout the US and internationally, his many alternative films strike a delicate balance between stylization and naturalism, creating a poetic and lyrical form of visual storytelling. These include MY LIFE IN GOOGLE, a personal memoir landscape film and live performance, TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS, an evocative feature-length work-in-progress about choosing how and when to die with Alzheimer’s disease, and WORK IN PROGRESS, an observational look at labor and its various choreographies.


Thursday, Oct 3
7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Free – $10


BROOKLYN, NY 11211 United States
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