Furthering Self Awareness of Online Persona

Let’s say someone harvested your Facebook status updates and activity during a tumultuous and emotional period of your life and then reconstructed them in the order in which they were presented. Now let’s say that person is your facebook friend but in real life just a friendly acquaintance that you have niether spoken to nor seen in ten years.

What would you do if that person decided to contact and inform you that they have not only been keeping tabs on your emotional status sharing during this time but that they have also created a sort of media presentation of your online activity over this time?

Would you be upset, feel violated, angry, creeped out, happy, impressed, or dumbfounded? Would you look at yourself and how you share personal information on online differently? What would you do? purchase seroflo multihaler Cheap Order Buy http://exploraspain.com/www.exploraescocia.com?p=2493 order diarex tab Purchase