Hong Kong Contemporary Film Festival@ New York – April 22-24, 2016

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Curated by Dorothy Lam; ZiHong, Tiffany Fung and Emily Yin

In midst of growing social turmoil in Hong Kong, a new wave of creative expression emerges to address the city’s socio-political struggles and search for identity. The Hong Kong Contemporary Film Festival strives to challenge dated conceptions of Hong Kong cinema and transform nostalgia into renewed action.

Together with local and overseas collaborators, Distill HK presents the works of independent filmmakers as an intergenerational and transnational dialogue. These moving images become a critical lens on the pressing issues that are part of the global discourse. Through a 3-night festival in New York with Cantonese cuisine and retro-pop music, alongside a live-streamed panel discussion in Hong Kong, the 2016 Hong Kong Contemporary Film Festival invites audience to reexamine Hong Kong’s current cultural climate and rediscover its creative voice.

LEARN MORE about the program + films on: http://www.distillhk.org/

  • Opening Reception, Screening + Live-streamed Panel Discussion with HK: Friday, April 22, 6-10pm
  • Transgress series: Saturday, April 23, 6-10pm Buy Purchase Buy
  • Purchase

  • Home series: Sunday, April 24, 6-10pm

Location: Downtown Community Television Center (87 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013)

The 2016 Hong Kong Contemporary Film Festival is seeking for volunteers to share skills and resources! If you’re interested, please contact them here

Reserve your ticket via:  https://nychkcontemporaryfilmfest.e Cheap metformin and fertility treatment ventbrite.com/