Need Funding for your Short Film? Check Out Kickstarter’s LONG STORY SHORT Initiative!

Long Story Short is a celebration of short-form filmmaking on Kickstarter. Filmmakers are invited to launch a Kickstarter campaign for their short films in March 2021 and join a cohort of brilliant, subversive, playful, creatively ambitious filmmakers doing the same. They will be dedicating all of their promotional support to short films throughout the month of March.

Here’s how filmmakers can get involved with Long Story Short:

  • Create a short film project on Kickstarter, making sure to select “Shorts” as your subcategory.
  • Create and share your Pre-Launch Page to let your audience know what you’re planning.
  • Plan to have your project live throughout March. (The earlier you launch, the better your chances of appearing in our Long Story Short promotions.)

Give them a heads up at [email protected]!

Learn more at