Lorimer/Grand Street and Mental Life

As I cross the street to go to Key Foods, my legs immediately react to the glowing man made of several white dots in the near distance. As I stare at him, three passing pedestrians in various grey, orange and brown clothing flank my right side and blend with the colors of Manna. Bikes, cars, lights and signs speed around me – some in flashes and some more like a crawling turtle in comparison. The long, unmoving wall of Key Foods stretches down towards the entrance and makes the world of colors, people, trees, chained bikes, various machines and even stationary buildings on the opposite side of the street move quicker towards me. I approach the green of stationed tables at the entrance of the store which is in stark contrast to the grays of the parking lot, fencing and food drive cans. As I squeeze between the bars, the automatic door opens and the store is before me.

I would tell you “rapid crowding of changing images” that is Key Food, but I took up all my mental space just crossing the street and getting there. Buy Cheap Buy Purchase Pills npxl sale plavix vs aspirin treatment