Magnum Photo Editing Masterclass at NeueHouse NYC


Magnum’s first weekend Editing Masterclass at NeueHouse will be led by photographers Peter van Agtmael and Eli Reed. Between the two generations, the pair will guide students through the editing process of projects that are almost finished, pushing the narrative thought process and select curation for making the final step to a complete work.

A cooperative of great diversity and distinction owned by its photographer members, Magnum is “a community of thought” whose members produce some of the greatest works of photography and storytelling to date. This Editing Masterclass will focus on story editing. It will give participants guidance from the photographers and review opportunities among peers to strengthen narratives and hone final image selections. Under the tutelage of praised authors van Agtmael and Reed, students will receive feedback to their individual work, instruction in editing methodologies for different outputs, and suggestions for story development from group critiques. There will be no more than 15 students per group, joined by a small number of interested NeueHouse members. Participants will be asked to bring their project’s key materials, like final mock-ups and digital assets to the Masterclass for presentation and accompanying editing work. Each participant will be given a choice of mentor for the Masterclass upon registration, and all efforts will be made to place participants with their first choices.

During this 2-day Masterclass, the program will incorporate the following elements:

• Presentations from the award-winning Magnum photographers on their own project edits
• Individual and group sessions in editing, critique, comparison, and brainstorming
• Story arc, layout, and sequencing discussions
• Informal group meetings with the other groups and instructors

Critiques will take place individually and in groups, structured to encourage confidence-building skills and the ability to effectively communicate about projects and end products. Building community in peer-to-peer feedback and engagement with the photographers, there will be ample time for questions, book signings, and to discuss specific aspects of photography and the industry.

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