Don’t Miss the Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival Coming Up

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The 33rd Annual Margaret Mead Film & Video Order line-up is out now.  As usual the festival will showcase a variety of amazing international documentaries, from anthropological to the avant garde.  They will present 33 films, 25 premieres, and 26 filmmakers will be in attendance.   As usual, the event takes place at the American Museum of Natural History and will run November 12-15.

Travel the world all from the comfort of the American Museum of Natural History—, where you can get to know the people and places from Mauritania to Mumbai, from Chongqing, China, to St. Petersburg, Russia, and from the Gulf Coast of southern Florida to right next door in Brooklyn. We’ll follow the length of a race-track that starts in Paris and ends in Dakar Africa, pausing to meet with the communities along the way. We’ll go north to the Seward Peninsula where a Native Alaskan community comes together to mourn the impending loss of their land to climate change. A schoolyard in Brooklyn becomes a battlefield in the War on Terror. And two historic neighborhoods facing the ugly side of urban renewal, one in Beijing, the other St. Petersburg. Buy cheap indocin side