MONO NO AWARE Fall Workshops Now Open

MONO NO AWARE is a 501c3 cinema-arts non-profit organization working to promote connectivity through the cinematic experience. Based in Brooklyn, MONO NO AWARE presents monthly artist-in-person screenings, organizes affordable analogue filmmaking workshops, facilitates equipment rentals, operates a film distribution initiative, plans cinema field trips, and hosts an annual exhibition for contemporary artists and international filmmakers whose work incorporates Super 8mm, 16mm, 35mm or altered light projections as part of a live performance or installation.


They are proud to offer filmmaking workshops in Brooklyn, NY. Workshops are limited to 10 persons or less, providing an intimate hands-on learning experience. Instructors are locally-based, practicing filmmakers and artists looking to share their years of knowledge and experience.  Workshop materials; film stock, film processing, film cameras, editing equipment, HD video transfer of finished work and online hosting of your finished film are all inclusive.

At the end of each workshop there is a FREE public screening open to you and your friends. online   Each session, MONO NO AWARE partners with local and international film festivals to offer entry waivers to all of their participants.  Purchase To assist you in entering your work, MONO NO AWARE will host your finished film on their Vimeo+ channel.

Here is a list of their upcoming workshops:

Cyanotype 16mm Filmmaking  on Sunday 9/10 from 10am-4pm
Pixilation Animation on 16mm on Sunday 9/17 from 10am-5pm
Hand Processing with B/W Reversal on Sunday 9/24 from 10am-4pm
Super-8mm Filmmaking on Tuesdays (9/12-10/10) from 7-9:15pm
Intro to 16mm on B/W Reversal on Wednesdays (9/13-10/11) from 7-9:15pm

October Workshops:
*NEW* Intro to 35mm Filmmaking on Friday 10/6Saturday 10/7 and Sunday 10/8
Super-8mm Filmmaking on B/W Reversal + Hand Processing on Mondays (9/12-10/10) from 7-9:15pm
Intro to 16mm on Color Negative on Wednesdays (10/18-11/15) from 7-9:15pm
Direct Filmmaking Animation Techniques on Saturdays (10/21-11/11) from 12-4pm

For more information on Mono No Aware click here.