7 Essential Films from ‘Cinema On The Edge’ are now Available for Free on MUBI

Cinema On The Edge is launching 7 essential films on MUBI. Watch or rewatch films from the NYC series! A new film a day, streaming for 30 days, through October 22 http://dallasairmedia.com/?p=33099 .

Cinema On The Edge on MUBI

We are happy to pass on the message that online Cinema On The Edge is not over, even though they had their last New York screening this past Sunday, September 13. The film series, which featured 18 Chinese works that screened at different locations around NYC since August 7, concluded with 5 screenings at UnionDocs. If you missed out of any of these intriguing, hard-to-find films, you now have a chance to watch them online, as Cinema On The Edge are partnering with MUBI to let you watch a handful of selected works from the film series.

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http://poradnia.eu/generic-name-for-kemadrin/ About Cinema On The Edge

A film series unlike any other, “Cinema on the Edge” celebrates the daring spirit and creative innovation of independent filmmakers and festival organizers in mainland China.

This film series featured 18 programs of outstanding recent Chinese independent cinema, showcasing the work of such acclaimed filmmakers as Ai Weiwei, Li Luo, Hu Jie, Zou Xueping and Yang Mingming.  The series was organized and curated by three of Chinese independent cinema’s most committed supporters: producer and distributor Karin Chien, critic and curator Shelly Kraicer, and filmmaker and anthropologist J.P. Sniadecki. Seven of NYC’s most revered film and cultural institutions presented these works: Anthology Film Archives, Made in NY Media Center by IFP, Asia Society, Maysles Cinematheque, Museum of Chinese in America, Weatherhead East Asian Institute, and UnionDocs.

“The films we are showing in Cinema on the Edge are not permitted to be seen in China. But they are some of the most compelling and exciting cinema being made today.”  Pills (Karin Chien, co-organizer)

Cheap “These films really matter, and viewers watch with something vital at stake. But it remains a grassroots affair: everyone pitches in and interactions flow easily, creating an informal atmosphere that retains the intensity of major festivals but does away with all the hierarchy and self-importance.” ( http://ankool.com/blog/isoniazid-price-usa/ J.P. Sniadecki, co-organizer)

“The independent films coming out of China continue to be at the forefront of formal and aesthetic cinematic innovation. That’s why Chinese indie cinema is so exciting. Probably because they are responding to the crazily, unpredictably, hyper-rapidly changing society and politics of China, these young, fearless directors are challenged to the limits of their imagination (…)” ( Purchase Shelly Kraicer, co-organizer)

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