nbART seeking Williamsburg/Greenpoint participants in oral history project

The North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition (nbART) recently announced an upcoming project: No Bills: Stories and Songs of North Brooklyn , a multi-media experience by local artist and musician Nick Yulman , who is beginning to capture stories from community residents, businesses & leaders for a final sound installation in Spring 2011.

No Bills Buy is a project that combines oral history, scavenged materials, music and robotics to create serendipitous encounters for passersby, inviting them to engage with North Brooklyn’s past while standing at the sites of its developing future. The project will take place in two parts:  an oral history project and a sound installation.

December, 2010:  The oral history component of No Bills launches as Yulman and nbART begin conducting interviews with community members to capture local tales and stories. Portions of these interviews will become part of a sound installation, and nbART is seeking participants starting this week through March 2010.

Spring 2011:  The sound installation will then play from peepholes in 4-5 construction fences located in Greenpoint and Williamsburg that are connected through a walking tour. At the final site, passersby will be able to look through a series of small holes and see an art installation that will include a collection of small, digitally-controlled mechanical sound-making devices constructed from materials scavenged from Brooklyn’s industrial streets and objects that refer back to the stories heard at sites throughout the tour.

They would like to record your story

Yulman will begin his interviews this week and nbArt is calling upon the following Williamsburg/Greenpoint folk to tell their stories:
owners of the neighborhood’s long-standing businesses;
local characters;
residents who revel in neighborhood quirks and legends; and
Buy price quibron-t – community leaders.

Buy Cheap

Email [email protected] to set up a recording appointment with Yulman and share your story, which can be anything related to the community.  Upon completion of the interviewing process, the collage of sound and music pieces will become part of the final installation this spring.