New Book on Documentary Ethics: Think/Point/Shoot: Media Ethics, Technology and Global Change

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A group of media-makers have put together an important book on filmmaking/documentary-making and the topic of media ethics.

Contributing authors include: Tami Gold, Yoruba Richen, Jon Alpert, Terilyn Shropshire, Scott Sinkler, John Gurrin.

Order Buy Think/Point/Shoot gives students a thorough overview of the role of ethics in modern media creation. Case studies emphasize the critical issues in global media ethics today in all stages of media creation from preproduction research and development, to production and post production. This volume features practicing filmmakers, journalists, and media creators who provide insight into dealing with real-world ethical dilemmas.

For this era, digital imagery, sounds, and web communication have opened doors to sharing thoughts and ideas instantaneously to potentially vast audiences. This presents exciting opportunities, but also serious ethical, legal, and social challenges. The cases and exercises found in this book are applicable to the current media field while still remaining grounded in strong ethical theory.Think/Point/Shoot explains the challenge of communicating a story to a worldwide audience while maintaining ethical standards.

The volume is co-edited by Annette Danto,  Mobina Hashmi,  Lonnie Isabel.

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