New Chairs at UnionDocs

-Awesome comfy new chairs-

So, we are excited to introduce new, rather comfortable seating thanks to Mix NYC Order , who have loaned us their set. The major innovation in seating we will be experimenting with is backrests. Perhaps, we will eventually add cup holders too. So, here’s to seeing you relax and lean back at an event at UnionDocs coming soon.

An homage to the benches….

-Benches at MoMA screening-

While they served us well, we admit our handcrafted benches were never the perfect theater seats. The benches ended their tenure as the main seating for UnionDocs with a lovely moment in the limelight onstage at the MoMA. We will be finding some other uses for them in their partial retirement. So, please don’t worry that you’ll never see them again.

-Building the benches-

Some thought that the “horizontal plane” of the benches contributed to good discussion and community, but what they allowed us most was flexibility.

-Bench up-

They were reorganized into low and long tables for big group dinners, linked and used as stages for many bands and live performances, stacked to be platforms for films shoots, incorporated into art exhibitions as display surfaces, used without the legs extended for meditation workshops, and even once created a surprisingly stable catwalk for a fashion party. The fact that they stack into a neat cube in the corner allowed us to rent the space as a photo studio during weekdays.

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-Bench down-

So, there was some logic to choice and design of the benches, but we have heard the plea and acknowledge that the alternative functions that inspired the design have become much less frequent. In addition to sore backs, the hinged legs have also pinched many fingers and bruised shins along the way. So, it’s definitely time for a change!

Expect NEW CUSTOM PEWS someday soon, combining the best of bench and chair technology… and more stories about the old benches Order