Poster by Bartosz Gawdzik for “10” presented by Nonsense NYC

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There actually is no Bitomsky Retrospektive on the calendar at UnionDocs…. yet. But isn’t it a beautifully rendered idea.

We were invited to contribute a poster that imagined a future event at UnionDocs to “10” an exhibition put together by Jeff Stark and the rest of the Nonsense NYC team. This art show, which seems to have turned into a sprawling all-night party, is in celebration of 10 years of Nonsense NYC’s support of independent art and do-it-yourself culture. We are very happy to be involved and want to send our congratulations to everyone over at Nonsense NYC on a decade well done. Read below about the opening, but first take a closer look at the poster designed by Toronto-based artist, Bartosz Gawdzik.

Gawdzik is a little hesitant to talk about his process. When I asked he wrote this:

“I watched over a dozen mid-1930’s short German films while making this poster. This has no direct relationship with the final piece but the process would have been insincere without it.”

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Indeed, having watched many of the films by Hartmut Bitomsky, the former critic and editor of Germany’s famous magazine Filmkritik who also has directed over forty films including many award-winning documentaries, Gawdzik found himself displeased by the posters he saw advertising some of the movies. He then decided to make his own versions, attempting to better interpret the antagonistic realism of German documentary cinema into print. Asked to describe his design-style, Gawdzik grins and says, “Research.”

Of the physical making process, I can speak of this: it is detailed and painstaking and involves a lot of repetition and reduction. The photo above only gives the slightest impression of the poster’s visual effect. The typeface is hand-painted and references 1930’s road signs. Looking closely you can just make out the slight imperfections in the letters, reduced now through a photocopying system. Appropriate to this film about the highways of the 3rd Reich, the poster’s background vibrates with speed and fear using fine black lines to create the illusion of an unstable grey. When we talked about the background, Gawdzik referenced transportation networks as linear structures drawn across a stationary surface and an Emil Ruder theory that speed can only be graphically represented by means of lines.

We are very proud to have this sharp redesign represent UnionDocs in the exhibition.


Nonsense NYC presents:


A one-night physical manifestation of the Nonsense NYC email list, celebrating 10 years of weird art and culture coverage in New York City. Featuring artwork by 75 artists and collectives, an all-night dance party, and performances every five minutes. With eight installation theater spaces and a spectacular spectacle on a brand new floor at one of the best venues in Brooklyn.

From 7-9p, artists, collectives, and makers look into the future with a salon-style gallery show on the main floor. The enemy of anyone celebrating 10 years in New York is nostalgia. To fight it, we decided to ask what people want to see in the *next* 10 years. The response is overwhelming: 75 visions of what culture could be like in the next decade. From Rubulad’s line-up to swim races in the Gowanus Canal, from the Danger’s antics to the Bruce High Quality Foundation’s gender benders, you’ll see it here first.

Then, from 9p-1a, we turn the brand-new second floor space into eight different theatrical venues for a series of intimate performances starting every five minutes. You will not be able to attend everything; No one will. But a very limited number of people will witness very special events performed just for them. Featuring Lauren Darling’s Hungry for More, a Lady Circus Clothing Swap, and Sxip’s Quarter Hour of Charm among other delights. Be there to get tickets early.

At 1a we celebrate 10 years with a special commemorative performance and open up the entire space for dancing amid the performance detritus. Featuring DJs Joro Boro, Dirty Finger, Stache, Small Change, and Justin Carter until very, very late. More music by Raya Brass Band and King Expressers.

This is a special night. Dress like it.

A partial list of artists and performers: Hungry March Band, Flux Factory, Tom Beale, Winkel and Baltick, House of Yes, Mark Read, Hi Christina, Gemini and Scorpio, ABC No Rio, Cinders, Joe Tuba, Galapagos Art Space, Madagascar Institute, UnionDocs, the Change You Want to See Gallery, Glowlab, Jason Sinopoli, Matt Wasowski, Tom Richford, Shel Kimen, Mia Ihara, We’ll Never Have Paris, Black Label Bike Club, In Our Hearts, VAST, Newmindspace, Paula Segal-Dylan Gauthier, Shanimal, Kayrock Screenprinting, Mean Red, Improv Everywhere, Secret Project Robot, the Poetry Brothel, Michele Carlo, Reverend Billy, Matt Levy, Ayen Tran, Paige’s House of Collection, Dorkbot, Rude Mechanical Orchestra, Anney Fresh, Keith Ozar, Nerd Nite, Dark Passage, Jollyship Whiz Bang, Sleep When Dead, Glasslands, Small Print Fare, Figment, Paul Lukas, Takedown, Figment, Touching You, Ari Boles, Dizzy Izzy and the Rockets of Desire, Zemi 17, Marygoround, Bushwick Book Club, Nicole Whelan, Jean Loscalzo, Zero Boy, Metro Metro, Porter Fox, Normandy Raven Sherwood, Connie Colvin, Grub, Nate Hill, Paul Burn, Robin Frohardt, Robyn Hasty, Ryan O’Connor, Erin O’Donnell, Dances of Vice, Veronica Dougherty, Aliens, the Drunkard’s Wife, Jessica Delfino, Porno Jim, and Cinema 16.

Saturday, October 10, 2009
3rd Ward
195 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn
7-9p gallery, 9p-1a performances, 1a dance party; $10 (plus paypal fee), advance tickets available online or at Bluestockings Bookstore (172 Allen, Manhattan). *Door tickets not available until 1a night of the show; buy advance.*
[email protected]
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