Now Playing El Sicario, Room 164 by Gianfranco Rosi at Film Forum

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The documentary El Sicario, Room 164 online directed by Gianfranco Rosi will open at Film Forum on December 28th.

An extraordinary documentary, essentially a one-man show, based on the Harper’s magazine article — “The Sicario: A Juárez Hit Man Speaks” — by Charles Bowden. “Gianfranco Rosi’s remarkable EL SICARIO, ROOM 164 is a concerted effort to reveal the significance of a nonentity, a hooded anonymous ex-sicario or hit man (with a $250,000 contract on his head) for the Mexican drug cartels interviewed in an eerily drab motel room near the border… The sicario’s unadorned mixture of boastfulness, self-flagellation, and willingness to underline Mexican and U.S. bureaucrats’ complicity with the bloodthirsty agenda of the ‘narcos’ (i.e., drug traffickers) possesses a raw power that needs no embellishment… (It’s an) emotional roller-coaster ride that the sicario takes the audience on — from gruesome reenactments of torture to a weepy conversion experience.” — Richard Porton, Cineaste.

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