OpenDocs was an ongoing program in which a feature documentary or an individual artist’s work was presented with additional selections made by the evening’s curator. These selections were chosen to augment or provide counterpoint, and included video or audio fragments, live speakers, live performers, food, music and discussion.

Films/Videos included:

After School Specials

Altar of Fire | Robert Gardner and JF Staal

Berlin: Symphony of a Great City |
Walter Ruttman

Divine Horsemen| Maya Deren

– Endurance|
Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry

Flat is Beautiful | Sadie Benning

Images of the World and Inscriptions of War  |
Harun Farocki

Inhaling the Spore: Journey through the Museum of Jurassic Technology|
Leonard Feinstein

Masters of Photography: Diane Arbus|
Creative Arts Television

Mein Liebster Feind| Werner Herzog

Olympia| Leni Riefenstahl

Punk House| Matt Reilly

– Selections from the Prelinger Archive

Sans Soleil| Chris Marker

– Speak Out: I Had an Abortion|
Jennifer Baumgarten and Gillian Aldrich

Style Wars| Henry Chalfant and Tony Silver

The Travels| Forced Entertainment

Where Do We Go From Here?|
Icelandic Love Corporation