Optipus Laboratory: A Weekend of Live Cinema and Sound Work



Cheap UnionDocs alumnus Bradley Eros, Katherine Bauer, Rachael Guma, Sarah Halpern and friends present this weekend of live cinema and sound work at the art spcace the Kitchen. http://netsys.larsys.pt/serpina-for-sale-in-sri-lanka/ online Cheap

A group of audio-visual experimenters comes together for “a lab is a lab is a lab,” a structure for improvisation and collaboration that film artist Bradley Eros premiered at The Kitchen in 2007. Here, sound- and image-makers engage in interlocking solos and duos involving projections and music made with tape machines, film loops, contact mikes, glass slides, modified synthesizers, and stringed instruments. Players include Gill Arno, Jonas Asher, Lea Bertucci, MV Carbon, Eros, Victoria Keddie, and Lary Seven.

On Saturday, Optipus—an NYC media collective composed of Eros, Keddie, and Seven, plus Katherine Bauer, Tim Geraghty, Rachael Guma, Sarah Halpern, Jay Hudson, Rachelle Rahme, and Pancho—presents expanded tentacles, an evening of three works with ephemeral projections and live soundtracks: Spectrum, a color-coded composition for expanded cinema with electronics, foley, and strings; Séance, a video of Houdini magic and mischief, with an electrified Ouiji board and ensemble; and The Owl of Minerva, dedicated to the death of Kodachrome film and other obsolete technologies of analog media.

For more information and tickets see:

Cheap http://www.thekitchen.org/event/303/0/1/