Origins and Ends: 35MM From the Film-Makers’ Cooperative, April 29th


Wednesday, April 29th


$10 General Admission


Combining origin stories with elegies and alternative histories, as well as explorations of desire, scraps, emergence, and obsolescence, “Origins and Ends” presents an array of experiments with cinema’s standard gauge, the use of which is decidedly rare in avant-garde film. The program traces thematic resonances that link an otherwise diverse set of works from the Film-Makers’ Cooperative’s eclectic 35mm collection, while also reflecting on the different conditions surrounding the production of these works.


Within the world of experimental cinema, 35mm film’s aesthetic impact and information-rich character are typically outweighed by its costliness and limited potential for exhibition. The circumstances that led to the production of these works thus vary considerably. While many of these artists’ engagements with this format were motivated by creative concerns, some were aided by the receipt of material support, others turned to 35mm out of technical necessity, and still others encountered it through a sublime accident of history. Despite such differences, however, each of these works employ captivating formal strategies that underscore the distinct aesthetic capacities of 35mm film, drawing on methods of optical printing, direct animation, montage, split-screen effects, and a host of other techniques to exploit this format’s pictorial and material qualities.


Featuring films by artists from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, and the United States. Followed by a Q and A with Ken Jacobs, Nicole Koschmann, Joel Schlemowitz, and Mark Street.



Order Siegfried Fruhauf, “REAL TIME,” 2002, color, sound, 5 min
Jeroen Eisinga, ” As It Was Revealed Unto Jeroen Eisinga,” 1998, color, sound, 8 min
Louise Bourque, ” L’Eclat du Mal/The Bleeding Heart of It,” 2005, color, sound, 8 min
Martha Colburn, “Triumph of the Wind,” 2008, color, sound, 10 min
Nicole Koschman, “Fishing for Brad,” 1998, b&w, sound, 6 min
Ken Jacobs Pills , “The Georgetown Loop,” 1996, b&w, silent, 11 min
Casper Stracke, “Hobart,” 1999, b&w, silent, 13 min
Lar Tusb (aka Richard Meltzer), ” buy astelin nasal spray Mick Jagger’s A**hole and Penis Buy ,” 1970, b&w, silent, 10 min
online Mark Street Order , “Fulton Fish Market,” 2003, color, sound, 12 min
Joel Schlemowitz, “1734,” 1997, color, silent, 2 min


TRT ca 85 min
Curated by Josh Guilford.