Other People’s Pictures screening March 14

This should be a really great screening that you might be interested in attending tomorrow night [March 14] at The City Reliquary: ?buy betapace

Other People’s Pictures is a documentary about collectors who share an unlikely obsession – snapshots that have been abandoned or lost by their original owners and are now for sale. The film is set at New York City’s Chelsea Flea Market where, every weekend, dozens of collectors sift doggedly through piles, boxes and bins of cast-off photos, ready to pay anywhere from a few cents to hundreds of dollars for a single snapshot. Many of the film’s subjects find that collecting ‘other people’s pictures’ helps them confront the darker aspects of human existence – familial trauma, social injustice, historical atrocity. Others simply appreciate the beauty, humor and mystery of these scavenged images.


Following the screening the filmmakers Lorca Shepperd and Cabot Philbrick will be on hand to answer any and all inquisitive questions from the audience.

The film will continue to run during the second half of the “76 Kisses” exhibition, ending March 31st.

Other People’s Photos
By Lorca Sheppard and Cabot Philbrick
March 14th, 2008 7:30pm
$5 suggested donation.
http://www.other-peoples Buy Pills -pictures.com http://ari-kurniawan.mhs.narotama.ac.id/2018/02/01/alevel-cost/

The City Reliquary
370 Metropolitan Avenue (at Havemeyer St)
Williamsburg, NY
(L train to Metropolitan / G Train to Lorimer) copegus cost