Pawel Wojtasik featured in: HyperAbstraction opening FRIDAY

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UnionDocs Advisor Pawel Wojtaisk will present his work as part of this group show opening Friday.


Art Show/ Armory week/Soho/NYC/2013 Purchase

Curated by Emil Memon

Tobias Putrih
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Allan D. Hasty
Emil Memon

March 8 – 30, 2013

Opening: Friday March 8th,  6 – 9 PM

RSVP required mailto:[email protected]
Viewing of the show by appointment

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HyperAbstraction Cheap  

The idea for online HyperAbstraction derives from the perception that the visual arts as well as our culture in general are undergoing radical change – that, in fact, a profound transformation has been taking place since the beginning of the new millennium. This change is fueled by the increased complexity of the economic and political environment, resulting in the slow dissolution of historical reference points.

The grand ideological and economic models have collapsed and art and culture in general, with their close connection to ideology and to the economics that finances them, find themselves in a bind. This is reflected in the arts morphing and merging with the ever-present stream of continuous entertainment. It is a paradox that the huge impact of the new emerging technologies is speeding up the process of dissolution of certainties and of increased fragmentation in life and in art.

As a polar bear floating on a chunk of broken ice, swept towards the Arctic sea by the forces of change outside its control, we are holding on to the echoes and fragments of art movements of the bygone era. In these times of hyper-production and hyper-consumption modernist avant-garde is perhaps our last resort in the search for reference points, but as it is fading away, fragments of clarity are truly welcome.

Tobias Putrih is a well known artist/sculptor of the younger generation. In his conceptually rigorous work, he explores architecture as a code for rich social, cultural and economic references. He has a particular interest in the legacy of modernism, like cinema theater architecture or modular and participatory design. Tobias is known for his mastery of form and for his use of unorthodox materials.

Pawel Wojtasik makes visually beautiful and emotionally challenging videos and installations. His work deals with difficult topics such as society’s handling of waste, the destruction of the oceans, treatment of animals, sexuality…, depicting all of this using hyper-aestheticized cinematic language. His works makes one think of the cinema of the great Tarkovsky.

Allan D. Hasty is an artist who is obsessively focused on the process of his own art-making. In this way he directly reflects upon the obsessions and neurosis of the American society. His work deals with sex, violence and money: the holy trinity of the American mindset. Allan is also consumed with exploring the dynamics of power and money within the NYC art world and drug subculture.

Emil Memon curator of HyperAbstraction is a multi-media artist. Lately, he has been concentrating on a series of paintings, collectively entitled HyperAbstraction. The paintings reference Street Art and early 20th century art. He is also working on a series of large drawings based on the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima. In this work, Emil is pointing to the need to reconnect with the post WW II ethos of artists such as Mishima, Pasolini, and Fassbinder. Emil is also interested in the idea of self-reliance and artistic independence which he actualizes by organizing shows in non-conventional art settings – the present exhibition being an instance of that idea.

Patrick Orban is making HyperAbstraction possible by opening his residence and helping with the production of the show. Patrick’s engagement with the visual arts has been ongoing for many years. His passion for art and sharp critical eye find expression in his collecting and in collaborations with artists – helping them produce their work. He designed his own space with this idea in mind: that it be a fabulous place to exhibit and view art.

for info & viewing appointment contact Emil Memon @ [email protected] / [email protected]   phone 917 723 0779