Photography, Expanded Immersive Media Lab – Applications due March 15


How can media makers use immersion as a tool to build empathy, engage communities, and forward social change? How does immersing your viewer in content change the nature of the story you are telling? How can we evaluate which stories are best suited for an immersive experience? And how does this mode of experiencing a story change how photographers approach planning, creating, and distributing stories?

Presented by Buy Magnum Foundation Buy and The Brown Institute for Media Innovation, The Photography-Expanded Immersive Media Lab Purchase Buy will provide documentary photographers hands-on experience with a full range of immersive storytelling tactics and technologies accompanied by an in-depth discussion of the ethical concerns and narrative possibilities of immersive storytelling. The lab will be comprised of a panel discussion and a two-day workshop presenting exemplary case studies and challenging participants to develop their own immersive story projects. Mixing theory with practice, participants will walk away from this two-day lab with a concrete grasp of how they might integrate immersive storytelling into their practice and what that means for their subjects, audience, and impact.

Hosted by The Brown Institute at the Columbia Journalism School. To learn more and apply: