Pinwheel Productions Launches An Affordable Equipment Rental Subscription Program

Pinwheel Productions, a POC artist organization aimed at providing a dedicated space for underrepresented voices in film and entertainment, has opened pre-registration for the Pinwheel Exchange, a new service that allows filmmakers to rent high-quality film and video equipment for an affordable annual subscription. 

Subscribers are given the option to choose from different subscription tiers to cater to their personal filmmaking needs, and are then able to rent their tier’s equipment packages for up to six two-week rental periods. The equipment is delivered to the subscriber, along with return packaging for an easy return process. Rental periods can be extended, and subscribers also have the ability to rent additional equipment not included in their package at an additional cost. 

The Pinwheel Exchange launches March 1st, 2021. Discounts are available for pre-registrants, students, and group offers. 

Pre-register for the Pinwheel Exchange here!