Brooklyn Magazine, 100 Most Influential People in Brooklyn Culture Pills

“An esoteric, experimental, community-focused space—and it’s working to keep Williamsburg that way, as well.”

The Brooklyn Rail, UnionDocs Brings Auteurs Together

“The goal at UnionDocs isn’t to dream up buildings or lay down paint, but to think about what it means to tell true stories, and how to document them.”

The Huffington Post, Alternative Models III: Reel Space Purchase

“Devoted to community-building with programs that are innovative, challenging and diverse… run-on shoestring budgets by brilliant people who don’t do enough to toot their own horn because they’re too busy serving others.”

The Village Voice,‘Doc Fortnight’ 2010 at MOMA

“Williamsburg’s own pocket-size dynamo, UnionDocs.”

Brooklyn Spaces, UnionDocs

“Events have an “intensive” model, bringing together a gathering of people around a certain film, genre, topic, or theme, and are intended to encourage lively dialogue and critique.”

Remezcla, How a VHS of ‘Los Sures’ Sparked a Movement to Preserve Williamsburg’s Latino History

“What Allen and his team have helped create in Echeverría’s wake is nothing short of astounding. This is local history made tangible and virtual at the same time. Its community-driven spirit is enhanced and bolstered by its sleek, web-savvy packaging. As Yates put it, ‘Without having Los Sures, and without having UnionDocs having the foresight to incorporate that film into their collaborative there’d be no connection for lots of people in the neighborhood. That, to me, is the real impact of it, that it values that history, that historical memory, and creates a connection where none might have existed.’”

Ramon Peguero of Los Sures for Urban Omnibus, Living Los Sures, Past and Present

“It’s a blessing to have UnionDocs and a project like Living Los Sures… UnionDocs had the dedication to dive in and research what happened, and to give a voice to people who would normally not be heard. ”

Author, Luc Sante for The Believer, Of Course, the Past Changes Constantly Cheap

“UnionDocs is using oral history, which is fantastic. But it’s not just oral history, because you have this undeniable audio-visual anchor to hook peoples memory on to.”

Film School Rejects, Buy  Fund These Restorations: Bloody Friday, Los Sures and Kelly Reichardt’s River of Grass

“The great people at UnionDocs have been working on not just a restoration of the film but also updates, supplementary features, interactive material, related short films and more for a bigger project called Living Los Sures.”

Fordham News, Exhibit to Highlight South Williamsburg

“UnionDocs is an exceptionally professional and well-run organization that provides a much-needed platform for film and photography documentarians to present and discuss their work in a public setting.”

No Film School, Take Your Documentary Skills to the Next Level with UnionDocs Labs

“The Brooklyn, NY based center has developed a strong reputation among film industry press and decision-makers through its slate of programming and productions, at the core of which are two collaborative labs: The Collaborative Studio and the Summer Documentary Intensive.”

i-Docs, Expanding Documentary: The Impact of Living Los Sures

“It is also a reflection of the way organizations like UnionDocs work. The collaborative nature and willingness to experiment means they are comfortable with an iterative design process, are willing to embrace a multi-faceted project and are able to take a considered approach to community participation.”

Indie Wire on Living Los Sures Collaborative Made Short, 5 Must-See Feminist Films From Women Directors at the Top of Their Games

“a compelling entry into the film collective’s ever-growing series of films that chronicle certain pockets of Brooklyn in intimate and educational ways.”

Filmmaker Magazine, New Media, New Cuts

“It serves as a socially engaged media center, sponsoring more than 100 screenings and events each year and producing numerous projects, including running a year-long collaborative program that trains aspiring new-media documentarians while letting them work meaningfully on real projects.”

Ondi Timoner, award-winning filmmaker, host of Bring Your Own Doc

“One of the greatest support mechanisms for documentary.”

Christopher Allen (UnionDocs Executive Artistic Director) and Aris Dilone (Living Los Sures Contributor and Collaborative Fellow) discuss Living Los Sures on BK Live