World Records Vol. 5: Beyond Story


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Born out of their joint manifesto, initially published in 2018, writers Alexandra Juhasz and Alisa Lebow, extend their call to action to move “Beyond Story” in documentary with a special volume of World Records.

“Story itself has become part of the problem: there is an overemphasis on story—or at least the way stories have come to be told in the documentary films…by naming the problem, we are calling filmmakers, programmers, critics, and scholars into a conversation about why and how we must challenge this hegemonic norm that too clearly serves to perpetuate the market while actively changing very little.”  – Introduction, World Records Volume 5: Beyond Story

Editors / Alexandra Juhasz & Alisa Lebow

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122 Pages
Published May 2021

World Records Vol 5. Beyond Story
Table of Contents
Introduction: Beyond Story / Alexandra Juhasz & Alisa Lebow
The Time it Takes to do Things with Trembling Hands / Sindhu Thirumalaisamy
Telling Something Else: Documentary Beyond (Hi)story / Alex Johnston
Assembly Over Algorithm: Resisting Overnarrativization / Rick Prelinger
A Story on Story: Camel Races, Robot Jockeys, and Filmmaking / Isabelle Carbonell
Outreach as Production: Family Pictures USA / Thomas Allen Harris
The Irresistible Rise of Story: Documentary Film and the Historical Transformation of Radical Commitments / Paige Sarlin
Possibility Made Real / Lana Lin
Platform Politics: Netflix, the Media Industries, and the Value of Reality / Joshua Glick
Sundance, CNEX, and the Cultural Politics of Story/ Luke Robinson
How Does it End? Story and the Property Form / Brett Story
All That Glitters: Reflections on the Not-So-Golden Age of Documentary Storytelling / Cecilia Aldarondo & Samara Chadwick
Re: Beyond Story / Sam Green
Expectation Bordering on Demand / Rick Prelinger and Jem Cohen in Conversation
Character Limit / Sable Elyse Smith, Brett Story, & Travis Wilkerson in Conversation 

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