September 14-17, 2006 | Conflux Festival Brooklyn

There is a payphone outside 322 Union Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Like payphones all over, it is a public staging ground for private dramas. Raised voices are not uncommon, and conflicts range from relationship management to business affairs (legitimate and otherwise). For the Conflux 2006, UnionDocs presented two projects which seek to understand the contemporary payphone experience.

THE COMMONS, 2nd Rotation

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The Commons, 2nd Rotation shares the same axis but is an alternative copy of the documentary performance piece by UnionDocs staged summer 2005. Rather than finding a function as a prop, in this instance the payphone becomes an actor ceremonially costumed.

Serial Number: T0PS60083A

Serial Number: T0PS60083A is the ritual examination of one (until recently) traditionally operational New York City payphone.

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