Raindance offers NYC Pitching Skills Workshop with Founder Elliot Grove, November 11th, 2014



London-based film-festival/film school Raindance is hosting a workshop on pitching with founder Elliot Grove on Tuesday, November 11th in Manhattan. UnionDocs fans can receive $5 off of registration using the discount UNION. Register here.

Quick Facts:

WORKSHOP:  Pitching Skills Workshop w/Raindance Founder Elliot Grove


DATE:   http://copiacloud.com/cheap-lincocin-500/ November 11th 2014


TIME: 7pm to 10pm


LOCATION: Studios 150 150 W. 46th Street 7th Floor, NY NY 10036
PRICE: $39



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Pitching is one of the most essential skills needed for a successful career in the film industry. It is also one of the least considered by new entrants to the industry.

This intensive evening class presents the original class developed for the MA programme of film studies at the Royal College of Art Film School in London, England, and is presented here in its entirety. Participants will also have the opportunity to test their pitches out on Elliot Grove, and get his immediate response in his acclaimed Pitch Repair session.

You will learn:

+ How to run a pitch meeting
+ The goals of a pitch meeting
+ How to use visual aids
+ How to find your hook
+ How to ask for money and close investors
+ How to use crowdfunding ‘asks’
+ Pitching story vs pitching for money
+ Pitching tools – which will be explained and demonstrated

Let Eliot Grove explain!

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLLH8Af9tv4#t=34″]

Who Should Attend

You don’t need to be a movie fan to attend this class – anyone interested in communicating a thought clearly and concisely will benefit as will writers, directors, producers, actors, filmmakers, cinema lovers, anyone with an interest in how movies are made and who seek a basic introduction to the filmmaking process.

About Elliot Grove

Elliot Grove founded Raindance as a thought experiment: Can you make a film with no money, no training and no experience, he asked?

When people like his first intern Edgar Wright started making movies he started the Raindance Film Festival to celebrate their work in 1993, the British Independent Film Awards in 1998, and Raindance.TV in 2007.

Elliot has produced over 150 short films, and 5 feature films. He has written eight scripts, one of which is currently in pre-production. His first feature film, TABLE 5 (1997) was shot on 35mm and completed for a total of £278.38. He teaches writers and producers in the UK, Europe, Japan and America. In 2006 he produced the multiple-award winning The Living and the Dead.

In 2013 he relaunched the production arm: Raw Talent with the cult film director Ate de Jong. Their first venture was the psychological thriller Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey. finished late 2013.

This summer, Raindance Film Festival barked on a groundbreaking tour of Britain: 10 films in six cities with the Festival Screening Partner, VUE Cinemas.

He has written three books which have become industry standards: RAINDANCE WRITERS LAB 2nd Edition (Focal Press 2008), Raindance Producers’ Lab: Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking (Focal Press 2013) and 130 PROJECTS TO GET YOU INTO FILMMAKING (Barrons 2009). He was awarded a PhD in 2009 for services to film education. His first novel THE BANDIT QUEEN is scheduled for publication next year.