Southern Swan Song

UnionDocs would like to thank and acknowledge year long resident Sarah Lawson Pills for her contribution to the UnionDocs organization and supporting the documentary arts. During her time at UnionDocs, along with helping to run many UD events, she curated The XY Chromosome PROJECT with Mark Street and Lynne Sachs, Hidden in Plain Sight by Mark Street, Cheap La Trinchera Luminosa Cheap by Jim Finn, Buy online King Corn,  and an evening of short films by Bill Brown.

Her energy and enthusiasm strengthened Documentary Bodega and the UnionDocs community. She brought to UnionDocs an impressive representation of the experimental documentary form. It is our loss and Virginia’s gain as Sarah will be moving there to begin her new life as a projectionist, writer, graphic designer, photographer, filmmaker and all around awesome lady.

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One thought on “Southern Swan Song

  1. Christopher

    We will miss you a lot Sarah! Good luck.

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