Split Screens Festival Presents Legacy Award to Lee Grant – June 5th

Monday June 5, 2017 – 6:30 pm – IFC Center

Join us in presenting the Legacy Award for pioneering achievement to Lee Grant as a part of the Split Screens Festival. Grant is an Oscar and Emmy winning actress, director, author and political activist. She directed  online order chloramphenicol brand Down and Out in America http://dymonpower.ca/?p=34340 cheap isoptin sr Pills , winner of the Academy Award for best documentary.

About Split Screens & the Split Screens Festival (June 2-8):

Split Screens celebrates the art and craft of TV. Reflecting a moment when television has never been more innovative or accomplished, the festival will showcase the best of our current golden age of scripted shows, with directors, producers, showrunners and cast appearing in person for in-depth discussions about making great TV. Split Screens will also premiere episodes of eagerly anticipated new shows, as well as spotlight the next generation of DIY online creators whose work is pushing the form and content of episodic shows in bold new directions.

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