Stephan Forbe’s Boogie Man


Check out this important election-season film by our friend and colleague Stephan Forbes…opening nights are important for future bookings!

“Boogie Man” Directed by Stephan Forbes
Sept. 26-Oct. 3rd
Cinema Village, NYC E St. Cinema, Washington, DC online

October 3-10 Buy
Laemmle Sunset 5, Los Angeles, CA

Stefan Forbes’ incisive portrait of the late, infamous Republican consultant is a chronicle of how the culture ?war took over American politics. ?As such, it could scarcely be more timely. (Karl Rove was Atwater’s protégé.)…In terrific clips, we see the scampish gleam of mischief that shot out of Atwater’s steely eyes, giving him the look of a honky-tonk Daniel Craig. His great strategy, and legacy, was the art of lying out in the open. He saw that character assassination invades media like an airborne virus — that even a lie can become its own “truth.” Order where can i buy terramycin powder online click for article by Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

“Atwater’s spirit roars back to life…a compelling portrait…bracing…worth watching. The movie isn’t a knee-jerk lefty hit job. In fact, it shows that Atwater was a runaway success not just because he was a devious political operator, but because, in the words of one liberal reporter Forbes interviewed, the sass-talking, guitar-playing Atwater “was the most fun man I ever met.”click for full article by Patrick Goldstein, LA Times Order