Third Shift to screen in Seattle (Nov 23) and San Francisco (Nov 28)


Third Shift, a short documentary from the Living Los Sures project, will screen this November at Northwest Film Forum in Seattle, Washington and the San Francisco Cinematheque in San Francisco, California. Directed by UnionDocs Collaborative alum Anthony Simon , Third Shift will screen alongside Sweetface, directed by Buy Sarah Jane Lapp, in a reprisal of the UnionDocs program Sweet Work: Shorts On Labor At The Domino Brooklyn Refinery, which was held on July 6th.

Sunday, November 23 2014 at 5:00pmSugar and Skyjelly: Short Films and Live Music at Northwest Film Forum in Seattle, Washington.

Friday, November 28 2014 at 7:30pm Sweet Work: Sugar and Power with the San Francisco Cinematheque at Artists Television Access in San Francisco, California.

About Third Shift Order

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20 min / HDV / 2013
directed by Anthony Simon
produced by Mike Vass

Two former Domino Sugar workers that remain blocks away from the now closed refinery reflect on their past experiences as employees and their future as residents in a rapidly changing neighborhood.

About Sweetface

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28 min / 16mm / 2000-2013
directed by Sarah Jane Lapp

A personal essay film which uses actual sugar production as a point of departure to explore a variety of relational moments that involve soft power, gratitude, and love. The film evolved from the filmmaker’s hand-production of about 1,000 sugar packets, the majority of which she gave as gifts to workers at the Domino Sugar Refinery during their twenty-month strike in the early 2000’s.