Thank You Macktez!!

A big thank you to online online online Macktez for their generous technology donation to UnionDocs! While we’re putting our interns to work, our interns are putting the great Powerbook laptops and older Apple monitors Macktez supplied us with to work. It’s a bit strange to be nostalgic for a design that’s only about six years old, but we really love that old “lantern” iMac design and are excited to find uses for two of those machines that were donated.  Also, the older Powerbooks with a PCMIA slot actually work better with the Panasonic P2 Cards we use for our video shoots over here at UnionDocs, so it’s perfect that Macktez supplied us with older equipment (tried and true, right?).
The copious amounts of storage devices they donated will prove very useful in setting up a more formal backup system for our archive, and we are planning to set up one of the machines as a local server to store and share files. Macktez’s donation is seriously appreciated and is greatly contributing to UnionDocs mission. A special thank you to Noah Landow, president and founder of Macktez and new member of UnionDocs’ Board of Directors. Once again, thanks!

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