The Standby Program’s 30th Anniversary Benefit

The Standby Program’s 30th Anniversary Benefit on Friday October 25th at 7:30 pm at Anthology Film Archives, 2nd Ave & 2nd Street.

The evening will kick off with a screening of short works by artists Gretchen Bender, Jem Cohen, James Nares, Emily Armstrong and Pat Ivers, followed by a Silent Auction and Wine & Cheese reception.

Works created and preserved through Standby over the past 30 years will focus on sounds and music of downtown NYC:

 BIZZARE LOVE TRIANGLE, 1986 a New Order music video directed by Robert Longo and edited by Gretchen Bender.

Jem Cohen will be with us to show works that explore the sights and sounds of downtown: NYC WEIGHTS AND MEASURES, 2005, NIGHT SCENE NY, 2009 & LONG FOR THE CITY, 2008 featuring Patti Smith.

James Nares will join us for the NYC premier of TO MAKE A PRAIRIE buy lady era 100mg , 2011.  We’ll also screen some not to be missed classics by James ROOF, 1975, GAME, 1976 and DRIP, 2007.

Emily Armstrong and Pat Ivers’ will share clips from their Nightclubbing Archive of 1970s and 80s NYC punk rock history featuring performances by Bad Brains, the Cramps, the Dead Boys, and the Lounge Lizards.

The Silent Auction will include a wide range of artwork by: Emily Armstrong, Chris Burke, Su Friedrich, Ligarano/Reese, Lovett/Codagnone, Mark Street, MIX Festival, Jim Hubbard, Zahra Partovi, Sarah Schulman, and Alex Roshuk legal services.

Tickets include one free drink and can be purchased at the door ($30) or in advance ($25) Order

A subsequent online auction will begin on Friday November 1st and run until Friday November 15th.

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The Auction will include expereinces and artwork, some other great items include:
1970’s photo by Elliot Landy of Janis Joplin, Andy Warhol & Tim Buckley at an NYC restaurant


A Studio visit with James Nares
An original piece by Judith Barry
An Original print by Damian Catera
And signed Film posters by Jem Cohen.Standby30-Anniv500px