Two Ideas

Race and Beauty in Gay Culture

“I remembered what you had said to me on that wonderful evening when we first dined together, about the search for beauty being the real secret to life.”

If beauty were the secret to life, how would you search for it? Would you wake up every morning, searching for signs of it in your face? Or would you go outside to find it elsewhere?

With this project, I would like to document the lives of black men affected by the negative images and symbols associated with the color black.

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Late last year Time magazine published a cover story: The Tragedy of Detroit.
Somehow, I managed to miss my hometown receiving such notable attention. Or perhaps my brain’s become so accustomed to hearing negative news about the city that I ignored it .

I’ve lived long enough only to watch the city decline. Once a metonym for the booming car industry, the city’s become synonymous with poverty, crime, corruption.

How did this happen? It would be easy to pick up the old Time article and hear what the writer thought, but I would be interested in hearing from the people of Detroit. Current residents of the city and those – like myself – who’ve left. Cheap