UNDO CoLAB alums Casey Carter & Colleen Cassingham have their film Two Prisons Premiere Online at The Brick House!

We couldn’t be more proud of Collaborative Studio alums Casey Carter and Colleen Casshingham for the online premiere of their short documentary Two Prisons with The Brickhouse.

Two Prisons is the first in a forthcoming series of film screenings from The Brick House. Directors Casey Carter and Colleen Cassingham bring us the story of Beijing activist and dissident Wang Zhongxia, who was abducted by police in 2009 on the grounds of “Suspected Subversion of State Power.” He’d printed t-shirts bearing the phrase “free all political prisoners.” He eventually escaped the mainland and applied for political asylum in the US; he currently lives in New York, where he works as a paramedic.

Maria Bustillos Founding Editor, The Brick House says, ”

This extraordinary short film, just 18 minutes long, is the most compactly moving expression of humanity grieving under the suppression of speech and thought I’ve ever seen, and I hope you will watch it with us.”

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