UnionDocs Presents Four Seasons Lodge screening at IFC Center

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Four Seasons Lodge is coming soon to the IFC center, and UnionDocs is happy to co-present a screening on Monday evening, November 9 at the IFC Center.  Programmer Steve Holmgren will be on hand for the post screening discussion, check back for more details…

After touring the festival circuit, from Warsaw and London to Miami and the Hamptons, Purchase Four Seasons Lodge will begin its theatrical rollout with a New York City debut at The IFC Center, one of the country’s pre-eminent venues for independent cinema! The film will play from Nov. 11-18. We’re planning a series of special conversations around the screenings. There will be Q&As with the director and other filmmakers, and the chance to meet a few of the wonderful subjects of our film, the Lodgers themselves!

Show starts at 8:00pm.

Cheap Four Seasons Lodge http://www.elenalucia.com/cozaar-50-mg-tablet-price/ by Andrew Jacobs (USA, 2008, 97 minutes, Video)
From the darkness of Hitler’s Europe to the lush mountains of New York’s Catskills, Four Seasons Lodge follows a community of Holocaust survivors who come together each summer at their beloved bungalow colony to dance, cook, fight and flirt – and celebrate their survival.
Beautifully photographed by a team of cinematographers led by Albert Maysles (Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens), this unexpectedly funny film confronts sobering topics like aging, loss and the legacy of the Holocaust, capturing the Lodgers’ intoxicating passion for life as the fate of their colony hangs in the balance.

“Heartwarming, poignant and surprisingly funny.” — East Hampton Press

“Party, reminisce, and revel in the binds of communal triumph over historical tragedy.” — SPOUTblog

“Packs more wisdom than the best therapy session.” — The Washington Times

“Captures the simultaneously timeless and fleeting quality of a memorable summer, juxtaposing a well-paced narrative and a compelling, unscripted storyline with tender, intimate moments in the subjects’ lives.” — The Boston Globe

The Four Seasons Project
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